Nurses Month

Nurses Month

Thank You, Nurses.

Serve with care. Shine your light. 

At Baylor University, we honor the impact you make every day as a nurse–from your patients to your colleagues to your surrounding community. This Nurses Month, we’ve put together a list of resources, discounts, inspirational stories, and more to celebrate the incredible work you do. We encourage you to reflect on your journey, celebrate your strength and resilience, and honor the difference you have made as a healthcare professional. 

Hope is the light all nurses spread. Thank you, nurses, of today and tomorrow.

A Nurses Month Message from Baylor University

At Baylor University, we're thankful for all nurses who have skillfully and compassionately cared for patients and led entire communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition of Nurses Month, we created this video message just for you.


Nurse Appreciation

Baylor nursing students  


Deals and Savings for Nurses

Discounted items and services are an option for any nurse looking to celebrate Nurses Month in May or year-round. Be sure to check them out!

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The Importance of Nurses

  • For 20 years, nurses have ranked as the “most trusted” profession. More than 80% of Americans think nurses have high ethical standards
  • There are almost 4.2 million RNs in the U.S–and there are four times as many nurses nationwide as there are physicians
  • Nurses are in high demand. By 2028, RNs can expect job growth of 12% throughout the country (faster than the average job growth rate of 5% to 8%)
  • More than 13% of the U.S. labor force consists of healthcare jobs (19 million out of 143 million jobs total), with about 194,500 openings for RNs projected each year

Start your own journey as a nurse.

Wellbeing Tips for Nurses

Sariah Turner

As a nurse, prioritizing your wellness isn’t optional–it’s fundamental for you, the people that rely on you, the teams you lead, and your patients’ care. 

Considering we spend about one-third of our lives at work—and that’s not counting any additional time spent caring for family–it’s understandable how caregivers can quickly get wrapped up in others. That is why self-nursing is essential.

Self-nursing describes the process of developing and maintaining a caring relationship with ourselves. Embracing ways to self-nurse will help you reduce stress, replenish your compassion, and improve the quality of your care. 

Be sure to keep these well-being and self-nursing tips in mind as you prioritize your health.

Regulate Your Breathing

  • How often do nurses coach patients on breathing? The techniques you lend to pregnant women, or the deep breaths you coach children to take before a vaccine, will also help your nervous system create a calming effect 
  • Check out apps like Calm, Headspace, or Just Breathe for resources on mindfulness 

Move Around

  • Being active may seem out of reach some days–and that’s okay. It’s good to rest when your body needs it. However, stress may result in muscle tension, so moving around can help release that tension
  • Try apps that promote wellness like Apple Health, Pedometer++, or the 7 Minute Workout

Maintain Good Foot Health

  • Make sure your shoes fit properly–don’t take this for granted! An easy way to do this is to try on new shoes later in the day. Our feet tend to swell due to routine stress, so make sure your shoes have enough space to fit comfortably 
  • Use high-quality insoles and compression socks for nurses to support your feet and reduce the pressure and shock that they absorb all-day


Professional Development for Nurses

baylor absn nurse studying

As the nursing field evolves to meet the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare, the need for adaptable nurses will grow. Below are some resources for nursing professionals.

Tips for Distance ABSN Students and Graduates
  • Consider your clinical rotation as an extended job interview and impress your preceptor/potential future boss with these helpful tips for new nurses
  • Download the Texas Nurses Association app and explore the resources there, including the hundreds of jobs listed at their free Career Center
  • Prepare yourself for informational interviews, and remember to send a follow-up thank-you note to potential future employers
  • Stand out from the crowd with a unique cover letter and consult Yale’s Resume Writing Guide to craft the perfect resume
  • Check out the FreshRN Podcast for advice and discussion on a range of topics created specifically for first-year nurses
Tips for DNP Students and Graduates
  • Join your state's local association for Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, or Advanced Practice Nurses and become a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). AANP members enjoy access to resources, including webinars about how to transition to the nurse practitioner role
  • Build your network and connect with other nurse practitioners. You can do this by joining a professional community or using social media as a platform
  • Be sure to listen to the AANP podcast for advice and discussion on a range of relevant, in-demand topics—free to members and non-members alike
Tips for DNP Executive Nurse Leadership Students and Graduates
  • Peruse this article from American Nurse Journal for advice for nurse executives on Interprofessional Practice, exploring the significance of clearly defined roles
  • Find a mentor. Seek out individuals whose leadership styles you admire and notice how they manage relationships, resolve conflict, and empower others. Pay it forward by becoming a mentor yourself–this will also hone your ability to deepen connections
Nursing by the Numbers

Since its origin, nurses have been the backbone of medical care. Did you know that the first recorded mention of nurses was in 300 A.D.? 

Nursing has evolved over time, but one essential truth still remains–it’s a work of heart.

The Impact of Nurse-Midwives and Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

Nurse-Midwives and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have been working for more than five decades as frontline leaders in nursing, improving patient access and quality care. As advanced practice nurses, NPs have increased autonomy, more authority, and a greater breadth of expert clinical skills and knowledge. 

The development of the NP role has prompted nurses to help bridge gaps in healthcare delivery, especially in primary care.

  • There are more than 325,000 NPs licensed in the U.S.
  • All NPs worked as RNs first, where their treatment of patients included holistic and wellness care
  • 88.9% of NPs are certified in an area of primary care
  • NP is ranked as #1 in Best Health Care Jobs, #2 in 100 Best Jobs, and #2 in Best STEM Jobs by U.S. News and World Report
  • NPs can expect a bright job outlook of 52% through 2030–much faster than average, with a median pay of over $117,000 per year according to U.S. Bureau and Labor Statistics (BLS)
  • As of December 2020, there were 12,805 Certifed Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) and 119 Certified Midwives in the United States. (Source)
  • Studies show that, in hospital settings, people who have midwives are less likely to have cesarean deliveries, commonly known as C-sections, or episiotomies, and people who birth with nurse-midwives are more likely to breastfeed and less likely to experience a perineal laceration during birth. (Source)

Florence nightingale

“May we hope that, when we are all dead and gone, leaders will arise who have been personally experienced in the hard, practical work, the difficulties, and the joys of organizing nursing reforms, and who will lead far beyond anything we have done.”

– Florence Nightingale

Honoring Baylor Nurses

At Baylor University, we’re giving a special shout-out to our online nursing students who are working towards leading a brighter future in healthcare. Click on a student to learn more about their experience and their professional goals in nursing.

Baylor Distance ABSN Students

Ebony Crawford

Ebony Crawford

Ansel Grahm

Ansel Grahm

Mackenzi Coleman

Mackenzi Coleman

Mariah Sauceda

Mariah Sauceda

“I’ve always wanted to become a nurse. I come from a rural, underserved community, and I know that there are RN are in shortage in those areas. It’s absolutely essential for someone like me to work in an area in my hometown.” – Mariah Sauceda, Distance ABSN student

Baylor DNP Students

Rachel Carmichael

Rachel Carmichael

Lucinda Bush

Lucinda Bush

Tami Taylor

Tami Taylor

“My favorite part of being a nurse is the fact that I get to couple ministry with medicine… to be able to take care of people first, to share the hope of the Gospel, and to offer them hope in the midst of some of life’s hardest moments.” – Rachel Carmichael, DNP-FNP student

“I have always looked for ways to make processes and structures better for nurses and patients… part of being a professional nurse is continual learning and education. I want to be educated at the highest level of my profession.” –Tami Taylor, DNP-ENL Student

More Resources for Nurses

Looking for additional information? Below is a list of resources that cover in-demand nursing topics. Be sure to check out our blog page for the latest stories and also stay up-to-date on Baylor in the news.

Nursing Career Support

picture of a baylor absn student

At Baylor University, we celebrate nurses all year-round. We’re here to support you on your nursing journey–from admissions to clinical placement to graduation.

There are countless reasons why you’ll thrive as a Baylor nurse. Here are just a few benefits of being an online LHSON student:

  • We'll collaborate with you to find a preceptor match and secure clinical site placementsthat align with your area of study.
  • We’ll handle all necessary documents and clearance requirements for your clinicals
  • You’ll be supported throughout your program by a dedicated Student Success Coach
  • You’ll receive a holistic, academically robust, and spiritually enriching education to ensure success in your next nursing role


For bachelor’s degree holders who want to pivot to a more fulfilling career: 

Learn about our Distance ABSN.


For registered nurses with a BSN or MSN who want to shape the future of nursing: 

Learn about our online DNP programs.