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Career Resources

Career Focused: Master of Science in Nursing Leadership & Innovation (MSN)

The online MSN Leadership & Innovation program transforms RNs into nurse leaders by providing them with the skills necessary to thrive as nurse managers, nurse executives, nurse directors and in other leadership positions across the healthcare landscape. Baylor online MSN graduates are nurses who can see the clinical and administrative sides of nursing and healthcare. The program produces leaders who are called to make a difference at an organizational level with a holistic and ethical perspective of healthcare.

An online Master of Science in Nursing is a versatile degree that gives RNs a wide variety of career options. For example, identifies nurse consulting, nurse administration and nurse research roles as some of the most profitable positions for nurses with an MSN.

  • Nurse administrator annual median salary - $82,000 (
  • Legal nurse consultant annual median salary - $84,000 (
  • Chief nursing officer annual median salary - $126,402 (

According to, the average annual salary for RNs with an online MSN degree is between $80,000 and $100,000 with the specific salary dependent on the MSN nurse’s position ( The national average salary for RNs without a graduate degree is $62,000. As a result, an MSN-prepared nurse on average may earn $20,000 more than an RN with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

Professional Associations for MSN Leadership & Innovation Graduates

Career Focused: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The standards of nursing practice are changing. Factors such as the increasing complexity of patient care, national concerns about the quality of patient care, and a shortage of nursing personnel are increasing the demand for nurse leaders who can design and assess care. As a result, the AACN Position Statement on the Practice Doctorate in Nursing (AACN, 2004) recommended that advanced nursing practice education be moved to the doctoral level.

Baylor University has raised the standards for their nursing programs as a direct response to the need for qualified nursing leaders. The DNP-ENL is a focused, specialized online degree that helps students demonstrate their full potential as a nurse executive. As aspiring nurse leaders gain experience and education, they develop key competencies that prepare them for their next career steps.

The online DNP program proactively prepares nurses for these evolving standards and for autonomous advanced practice nursing and executive leadership opportunities. Upon graduating from the program, Baylor DNP nurses are equipped to critically appraise complex delivery, guide change management, and shape the future of nursing by leading innovative initiatives.

Professional Associations for DNP Graduates

The following professional associations and nonprofit organizations may provide useful career resources and continuing educational opportunities for online DNP students/graduates.

Baylor University nursing graduates can take advantage of the same career services offered to our on-campus students. Learn more about Baylor University’s Office of Career & Professional Development.

Earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice is both a personal and professional investment. Viewed as the terminal nursing degree, the DNP surpasses the curricular content taught in traditional master's-level programs. As a result, online DNP graduates often see a return on investment in terms of salary and professional opportunities.

  • Chief nursing officer annual median salary - $126,402 (
  • Certified nurse midwife annual median salary - $90,000 (
  • Family nurse practitioner annual median salary - $92,000 (
  • Neonatal nurse practitioner annual median salary - $96,000 (