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nursing leader working with a provider

A Guide for Nurse Leaders: What Is Patient Experience and Why Is It Important?

This blog answers the question, "What is patient experience?" and explains how making improvements supports better healthcare outcomes. You'll also learn how nurse leaders can take their leadership… Read More

DNP with a patient

What is Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing?

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has numerous benefits for patients and healthcare providers. Research shows that it improves patient outcomes, reduces healthcare costs, and guides providers in making… Read More

ABSN students outside the Louise Herrington School of Nursing

What to Look for in a Nursing Program: 8 Tips if You Have a Degree in Another Field

Read our tips for what factors you should consider when choosing a nursing program! Read More

PMHNP with a patient

What Does a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Do?

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) make a meaningful difference every day. Through holistic psychiatric mental health care, they change the lives of individuals, families, groups… Read More

LHSON ABSN students

Nursing As a Second Career: How to Prepare for Nursing School

Those who’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree can quickly become a nurse in an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (ABSN). Rigorous yet life changing, ABSN programs bring new… Read More

Executive Nurse leader talking to her colleagues

How to Prepare for an Advanced Leadership Role in Nursing

As the complexity of healthcare systems continues to grow, competent and visionary leaders are essential for providing effective and efficient care. Whether you aspire to become a nurse executive, a… Read More

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