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Baylor DNP Graduate Shares Her Journey of Transformation 

In today’s dynamic healthcare industry, education is the cornerstone of growth and leadership that guides nurses toward improved patient care outcomes and innovative solutions.

Our team at Baylor University had the privilege of hearing from Rachel Kathryn Berry, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, a Baylor alumna who embarked on a transformative journey in nursing. Rachel is a Structural Heart Nurse Practitioner at Blake Hospital in Bradenton, FL and has joined Baylor’s community of excellence. 

Let's dive into her insights as we explore the profound impact of a Baylor nursing education.

To learn about Rachel’s student experience in the online DNP program, view her story here.

Q: What was the biggest win during the program at Baylor? 

Prior to my time at Baylor, symptoms and their connections to disease processes were somewhat fractured in my mind. I didn't completely understand how and why they connected. Throughout my time at Baylor, I became a better diagnostician, which helped groom me to become a well-rounded clinician. 

Q: How did Baylor prepare you for your current role? 

My professors at Baylor taught me not only the knowledge needed to be a competent nurse practitioner in practice but also what it means to step into the role holistically as a nurse practitioner. I learned the leadership skills needed for the role, how to integrate my faith in the healthcare setting, how to be a leader in my healthcare community, how to be innovative in patient care, and understand the business side of medicine. These skills are invaluable and have helped to better prepare me for the huge responsibility and privilege that being a nurse practitioner affords. 

Q: What makes Baylor nurses unique in the healthcare world? 

Baylor nurses are given amazing opportunities throughout their time at Baylor to enrich their nursing training – and are more well-rounded and equipped for the ever-evolving field of healthcare. As a bedside nurse, I always looked forward to training a Baylor nurse graduate because I knew they would be bright and ambitious, and their training was a cut above the rest. It is the quality programs at Baylor that led me to ultimately choose this school when I wanted to pursue my DNP. 

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d give a potential DNP student? 

There are two main reasons I chose to get my DNP, as opposed to choosing an MSN program: I wanted more clinical training, and I wanted more holistic training for the role I would be stepping into as a nurse practitioner. Getting your DNP is time-consuming, yet it leads to feeling more prepared and set up for success in the new role you will be stepping into. 

Q: Was your degree worth your investment? Why? 

My degree was definitely worth the investment. I wholeheartedly believe my time at Baylor equipped me with the tools and relationships needed to be successful in healthcare practice. I am so thankful for and humbled to have had the opportunity to attend Baylor. 

Philippians 4:4-7 He gives us a reason to rejoice! 

Be Bold as a Baylor Nurse 

Rachel's journey at Baylor is a testament to the transformative power of quality education combined with a thirst for knowledge and determination. We wish Rachel Berry continued success in her career, knowing that she is well-prepared to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her patients. 

Baylor University's commitment to excellence has paved the way for the next generation of nurse leaders to deliver care where it’s needed most. At Baylor, our students: 

  • Learn from the brightest
    • Our nurses gain evidence-based knowledge and benefit from Baylor’s R1 status 
  • Access remote courses – anytime 
    • Students learn main coursework online with on-campus immersions & hands-on skill development during the program
  • Join a community of excellence
    • Our nurses experience quality with their education, as Baylor ranks among the Best DNP Nursing Schools by U.S. News
  • Step into High-Growth Careers
    • The job outlook for nurse practitioners & midwives is 40% through 2031*—much faster than average
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