Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Baylor University's online programs:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Eligibility

Which courses/credits can be transferred to the online DNP program if they were taken/earned within the past five (5) years?

Typically, there are very few clinical courses included in these disciplines. Examples of courses that may be considered for transferability include (but not limited to) include:

  • Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Assessment
Which practitioner degree disciplines may be eligible to transfer to the online DNP program?

The following practitioner degree disciplines may be eligible to transfer to the online DNP programs:

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  • Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
Does my non-practitioner MSN make me eligible for Baylor’s Post-Graduate DNP program?

If your MSN degree is in any of the following disciplines, you may not be qualified to apply as a Post-Graduate DNP candidate and may need to participate in our full program. Our full program consists of most/all of the 75-credit-hr, 10-Semester, 40-month BSN to DNP program.

  • MSN-Nurse Educator
  • MSN-Clinical Leadership
  • MSN-Informatics
  • MSN-Leadership
  • MSN-Administration
Do I qualify for the online DNP program as a Post-Graduate Candidate?

You must have completed your MSN board-certification in one (1) of the following Baylor offered disciplines to qualify as a post-graduate student.

Am I still eligible for the online DNP program if my previous educational institution did not use a traditional grading system?

No, Baylor does not allow students from educational institutions that do not have a traditional grading system. Students from Western Governor’s for example, are not eligible for Baylor’s nursing programs.