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student representing the online nursing programs at Baylor University online

Saidara Eribo shares her experience as an Online DNP-FNP student below:

Why did you choose Baylor University for your DNP degree?

I chose Baylor for my DNP-FNP degree because the university has an exceptional academic reputation, which captured my interest.  Also, the program is online and is a good fit for my family and my work schedule.

Tell us about any meaningful connections you've made with your cohort peers/classmates.

I have met some fantastic classmates over the past year. We have study groups that are engaging and allows you to feel good knowing that someone else is there to offer you support along the way.

How would you describe the quality of your coursework, curriculum, and overall education at Baylor?

The coursework and curriculum are challenging. You have to use your thought process to do well in the classes. I am confident that the education is meaningful and will allow me to excel in my career path.

Tell us about your experience with the Louise Herrington School of Nursing faculty. Which professor stands out the most to you and why?

The faculty in the Louise Herrington School of Nursing is instrumental in helping you achieve your goal. The experience with the faculty has been pleasant. All the faculty are willing to help you learn and make you feel comfortable asking questions.

How has working with a dedicated student advisor and clinical placement specialist impacted your educational experience?

My dedicated student advisor, Sara Smits, has been available and encouraging me since my acceptance into the program. I feel comfortable reaching out to her during good and challenging times. 

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