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Ansel Graham

The faculty and staff here, they all care & want you to do well, and they are truly invested in making sure that your experience is one that will result in you being a Baylor nurse.

Joanne Zuniga

Baylor establishes their contracts with institutions to provide us with one preceptor per student and sets requirements for the preceptors. I believe this will have a significant impact on the experience that we receive in the clinical learning environment.

Mackenzie Coleman

I wanted to be a nurse to help people and serve people. My family's been doing mission work in the Amazon jungles of Peru with tribes there for about 10 years. That really sparked my desire to bring health care to people with health disparities.

Saraya Tiner

I wanted to become a nurse after volunteering at Baylor Scott & White in College Station. I just saw how hard the nurses were working to serve others, and I knew that I wanted to help others live happier healthier lives.

Ebony Crawford

I decided to enroll in Baylor's ABSN program because I'm a mother of three, and the one year program was the most appealing thing to me. I have it in my mind, one and done. That short one year period of time is what drew me to it.
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