ABSN Points of Contact Directory

ABSN Points of Contact Directory

Below is a student contact directory for Baylor University’s Distance ABSN Program, where you can learn more about the Online ABSN Program Support Staff as well as your Point of Contact for frequently asked questions.

For Questions About This is Your Point of Contact
Funding/Paying for Tuition Enrollment Advisor
Clinical Placement Orientation Placement Coordinator
Clinical Skills Campus Visit Placement Coordinator
Clinical Intake Form Placement Coordinator
ABSN Student Clinical Roles & Responsibilities Placement Coordinator
Clinical Clearances Placement Coordinator
Blue Card Process Placement Coordinator
Dress Code/Attire/What Do I Wear? Placement Coordinator
Referrals Placement Coordinator
Placement Hours Placement Coordinator
Preceptor Questions Placement Coordinator
Uploading my Clinical Hours Placement Coordinator
Relocating to a New Residence Placement Coordinator or Student Specialist
Clinical Site Details Placement Coordinator
New Student Orientation Student Specialist
Class Registration Student Specialist
Scheduling Classes Student Specialist
Locating My Textbook List Student Specialist
Struggles in Class/Classes Student Specialist
APA/Writing Styles Student Specialist
All Other Questions Student Specialist


Enrollment Advisors

How Your Enrollment Advisors Can Support You
Our Enrollment Advisors are ready to answer your call and provide in-depth details and information you need about Baylor’s Distance ABSN program and provide you with the best guidance and advice to help you find an online degree program that best fits your personal and professional goals. If you decide to enroll in Baylor’s online ABSN, your Enrollment Advisor will guide you through the admissions as well as financial aid process and will help you to build the strongest application possible. 

Contact your Enrollment Advisor with questions about:    

  • Funding/Paying for Tuition





Clinical Placement Staff

How Your Clinical Placement Coordinator Can Support You:

As a Placement Coordinator my functions are but not limited to partnering with Placement Specialist, Student Success, and other affiliates to promote efficient communication for ABSN students during their placement cycle. Daily functions generally consist of FAQ support, frequent brief check-ins regarding clearance requirements, data tracking (In-Place), (Typhon), (Castle Branch).    

 You’ll be hearing from me during brief check-ins regarding preceptors, clinical hours, clinical sites, rotation questions or concerns. Daily functions also include placement orientation & welcome calls, connectivity Zoom videos for quick information access, campus immersion requirements, state and regional guidelines, and provide students with expert advice pertaining to nursing placement, preceptor resources, and networking tips or opportunities.  

My goal as the ABSN Placement Coordinator is to ensure students feel connected and know that they are my top priority. I work daily to ensure they are receiving pertinent information in a timely fashion and that the placement process is smooth, and they know they are fully supported.

Contact your Placement Coordinator with questions about:        

  • Clinical Placement Orientation
  • Two-Week Clinical Skills Campus Visit in Dallas
  • Clinical Intake Form
  • Clinical Roles & Responsibilities
  • Clinical Clearances
  • Blue Card Process
  • Dress Code/Attire/What Do I Wear?
  • Referrals
  • Placement Hours
  • Clinical Preceptor
  • Uploading Clinical Hours
  • Clinical Site Details
  • Relocating to a New Residence

Tiffany Sartin

Student Support Staff

How Your Student Specialist Can Support You

As your Student Specialist, I serve as a Student Success Advisor and am your primary point of contact for all general program knowledge and will support the student from the moment of program acceptance through graduation. This includes program orientation, check-in calls, university communications, and registration support.

Contact your Student Specialist with questions about:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Class registration
  • Scheduling my classes
  • Locating my textbook list
  • My struggles in a certain class or classes
  • APA and/or writing
  • Relocating to a new residence